Youth Against Tribalism In Africa

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Partner With Us

"We welcome partnership from donor organizations, community groups, youth, diverse groups, philanthropist and communities to enable us to reach our goals"

About Us

"We are a group of diverse young people around the continent pursuing a better and peaceful Africa and the world as a whole by instituting programs that promote tolerance and an enabling environment for all. Our programs are designed to enhance young people capacity on the negative effect of discrimination and conflict. Since 2009, we have built the capacity of youth in environmental conservation, climate change, leadership, conflict management, and youth development programs. We strongly support the all UN Conventions that uphold and respect human dignity, most especially the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Principles and all the UN Goals".

Human Rights Education

We support teenage girls who are victims of gender & sexual based violence by providing free capacity building and skill training programs 

Peace & Unity

We work with communities to coexist and create diversity and tolerance through community peace dialogues events.

Our Principles

As YATIA is a non-discriminative peace-building organization, no member of YATIA must discriminate, on the basis of race, color, tribe or religion.

No member of YATIA is allowed to be a part of any illegal activities, such as Drugs Trafficking, Human Trafficking or any cult or act that is not peaceful to human nature.

All members of YATIA must respect each other views and must be able to resolve conflicts whenever, wherever and in any situation in the name of peace.

Anyone who is a member of YATIA must be non-violent, intelligent and should never allow their emotions to overcome their reasoning, as YATIANS we are peacemakers and not ANNIHILATORS OF PEACE.

No member of YATIA should participate in any political discussion that will cause bias to the organizations’ aim, because if our bias leads us to make unfair judgments based on tribe or religion, this is discrimination.

As a member of YATIA, it is important to keep our minds and hearts open, and should always show respect for other people’s feelings and positions.

All members of YATIA should always depersonalize each other’s problem, by not blaming or accusing each other but discuss the problem without emotions, because whenever we are involved in a problem, it is very easy to respond to anger or sadness, or emotional heat. This may result in convulsive behaviors which may cause more predicaments in the future.

All members of YATIA must build trust and confidence in each other which is a good example of peacebuilding through eradicating tribalism that will lead them to submissiveness and not aggressiveness.

No member of YATIA may be bought by any political activist to be used for campaign purposes as YATIA is a non-political group.

Social Justice  Inclusion

We engage communities to act together to end ethnic, racial, religious and discrimination in all forms.

Our Core Values


YATIA is a nondiscriminatory, nonprofitable peacebuilding and human rights organization founded against what is believed to be one of the major problems facing sub-Saharan Africa (Tribalism, ethnic discrimination, racism, xenophobia) and the world at large. With that, YATIA was founded to address issues pertaining to Tribalism and any other form of injustices and discriminations against humanity on the continent of Africa.


YATIA envisages an African Continent in which there will be a total eradication of Tribalism (Ethnicity), discrimination and any other form of injustice practices against humanity; aimed at building a pacific and cohesive African continent that will adopt a peaceful and nonviolent society.

Our Goals

  • Promoting total peace in Africa among Africans
  • Making Africa a habitat, not a hostile ground
  • Bringing Africans to one peaceful mindset
  • Transforming Africa from a place of “fear” to a place of “peace”
  • Creating unity, and togetherness among Africans from different backgrounds around the world.
  • Encouraging love among Tribal African groups
  • Ending conflicts among tribal groups through dialogue and conflict resolution
  • Bringing African together as one person
  • Making Africa a harmless paradise free of Tribalism
  • Eradicating discrimination and social injustices among marginalized groups
  • Promoting Gender equality and the rights of women and girls of diverse backgrounds.
  • Helping to achieve the African Dream by supporting the African Union Mission and Vision.